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Cuztomization of the UTDMT

I'm going to go with the assumption that most of those reading this know how to put weapons & creatures on a map. If not, I can explain it easy enough later... or someone else will.

I took CTF-MosEisley_Spaceport... make CTF-MosEisleySpaceportTitans.

Good idea to establish where you want to place your titans (UTDMT) beforehand:

I was originally going to go with where the blue circle is, but the green circle is where the bots often go after a flag capture so a titan there seemed a good spot. The blue isn't a well trafficked area but it would've worked well enough.

Generally, you should place whichever titan you want for the red team first. It's not important, but if you've ever watched a game from spectator mode then it would make perfect sense. Once you have your titans situated (usually place them all before I start customizing them) then you can get around to making them as you like.

Teams & names are simple:

Where it says Team, it's numerical in the same way team colors work on bots:
0 - Red
1 - Blue
2 - Green
3 - Gold

Name is kinda self-explatory, for that 'MyName' field.

Whatever skins you'll use should be placed under 'MyLevel'. Then in the properties for your titan you skim down to where it says 'Skin':

There's another area many put skins for monsters, but the one in the screenshot above ensures that when your titans respawn they'll still have the skin you placed on them.

DMTMsgs is all the text the titans say:

You can change the existing text, or add more in blank fields left there. You may wanna tone down what's already there as it's pretty offensive...

...also, the original map the UTDMT came from was DM-Titania, which had it situated at the very bottom of the map. This is why it keeps asking you to "come down". You may wanna change that.

Also, you'll see this %p in the text a lot. Don't remove that. It's what the titan uses to insert the names of players in what it says.
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