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colorful tanks are not huggable [Jan. 22nd, 2015|07:40 am]
All Things Unreal


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This is an edit of CTF-Eagles, which I didn't get permission as it's often hard to track down mappers for maps that are nearly 10 years old. Not that I haven't tried, something of a crediting-whore; I may find a way to contact the guy eventually.

Mostly for my own usage, I've been editing the UTDMT (Unreal Tournament Deathmatch Titan) onto a lot of CTF & CTF4 maps. Total I've got a little over a dozen. Unlike maps like CTF-Titania, I give the thing the full range of its team's side of the map. Also skinned them so it's easier to tell who's on what team.

Mainly for display purposes, to give a clearer idea of a lil' project I'm doing for Hermskii, thought I'd share one of them. In his case, as Herm is very not in favor of foul language, on the map I'm working for him I'm censoring the titans, as what they say is completely configurable...

...although I should mention, the 2 titans on this map curse like sailors!

Usual Suspects:
.umx /music
.unr /maps
.utx /textures
.u /system
.png - pretty
.txt - this message will self-destruct

I typically play maps with the UTDMT on them without translocators, as it's too easy to just telefrag them, but I leave that up to you. I also don't use the MonsterSpawn mutator on the map as it will remove them when it swaps stuff around.