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MH-FireSkaarj][+ [Jun. 30th, 2014|11:11 pm]
All Things Unreal


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This is my 2nd edit of the map Kaal originally made that was enhanced by Cyberia-Mix.

I made a couple dozen versions of Kaal's original, each with different monsters & weapons, but I don't intend to do the same with the enhanced map... but it felt kind of the right area to test FireSkaarj on.

The thing has about standard Skaarj health, but the strength of its attacks and rapidity it fires is truly staggering. Because it's very luminescent, a darker map worked well for it. Also due to this I swapped out the rocket launcher and replaced them with the M16arena's sniper rifle, which has night vision.

On a plus side, whoever designed the FireSkaarj didn't make it immune to its own attacks... which gradually lessens the odds a little bit in your favor.

Enjoy · http://tinyurl.com/MH-FireSkaarj