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Skaarj Squad

I accidentally learned how to skin the SKtrooper back around 2001. I was using then, and still do, the model made available from UsAaR33's original version of oldskool. The reason I still don't use oldskool amp'd, the updated version, is it removed this model... and as it's been fairly well established, I love me some Skaarj!

Skins made for it are based on the original version of oldskool, but there are some other models for the Sktrooper that can use these skins. As I've never tried to .zip these up for others to use before, had hoped to do it for my own hosted games but I haven't hosted in years, so there may be stuff I should include I didn't.

This is just the 3rd batch, I do the Skaarj in mass skin-sets, accounting for just 9 skins and the talk texture I edited for the 'Skaarj Squad' WAY back when. Decided to send this one as a certain gecko has been insistant about gaining access to the ARMY (1st in pic) Skaarj in this set.

The SKtroopers in this set are skins I got over the years that I gave full team colors. I've done some originals too but they're in Batch 1 & 2.

These work fine in ut99... and I got no idea if they'll work in Unreal1 so someone be sure to tell me if they do.

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