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I'm kind of a "give credit where it's due" junkie, so I already sussed this out: Clicky!

This an edit of a map that came with the original UT install: DM-Phobos. It's basically completely the same except there's 2 Talking Titans, named after 2 folks I often run into on forums that have something of a rivalry, on that moon.

Just so you know, I checked with both and they think it's hilarious.

No need to fear, Titans can't throw rocks at the station.

Though that kinda asteroid storm would've been really cool!

DM-Phobos2 is a standard Deathmatch map, minus the Titans yelling at each other on the nearby planet. Try not to be too distracted watching them as someone less distracted might sneak up and kill you...

...oh, something important to keep in mind!

The Titans are UTDMT. Basically they're just very big bots that can throw rocks. Because of this, if you're not careful, from them killing each other it's completely possible for either of them to win the game if one gets enough kills.

The STOP YOUR FIGHTING mutator will prevent Titans from fighting, but then they're just standing around doing nothing. Kinda boring.

Good thing to keep in mind.

Enjoy ·
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