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MH-BetaKrall][+ [Sep. 27th, 2013|11:16 am]
All Things Unreal


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My general love of a certain map made by someone who is notoriously stuch with a bad rep in most Unreal/UT forums hasn't always reflected back on me so well, but most people manage to see past that. It was in keeping up on this that I foudn I wasn't so alone.

The map I loved was MH-Brutes][, made by Kaal. I've made dozens of variants of it with different monsters.

Quite a stretch back I found another one, called MH-Brutes][+ which was someone else who edited more than just monsters. Cyberia-Mix changed the skybox, and the entire environment of the map. It was really cool and I wanted to edit that one too, but hadn't until just the other day.

The problem with both original versions of the map is that so many brutes, and all kinds of them plus a custom boss class made just for it, were a major memory drain. It's less with most other monsters so for my edit of this I decided to go with Krall, specifically the BetaKrall...

...and for bosses I tossed in a few ElectricKrall.

In Unreal evolution terms, the BetaKrall is what the current Krall came from. I think it actually moves a little differently, has some unique animation to it.

That could just be me.

.u goes in /system
.umx goes in /music
.unr goes in /maps

I had fun editing this map, and playing it. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.