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Lil' updates and whatnot from my home system

1) I edited CTF-LavaGiant, for my own use mostly, with 2 Talking Titans, one for each team. Blue is Gumbo, Red is Jumbalaya. Think they're gonna keep those names if I put them on more maps. If I ever edit a CTF4 map, I guess I'll need other creative dish names for them.

Unlike CTF-Titania, Gumbo and Jumbalaya have the full run of their sides of the maps. They can't cross into each other's territory as they'e too big to fit through the tunnels.

And yeah, they're configured to know which team they're on so they only kill players from the opposite team.

2) Even though I have't finished my X-Men skin, I've assigned it to bots in-game to check it over and ponder how I'm eventually gonna handle the team colors for it.

3) One of the many monster skins I grabbed outta ut2004 was an SKtrooper, largely grey, with gold armor. From that I edited it to full team colors and I just recently slapped it onto the military Skaarj I use in my home setup.

I wasn't too sure this fit the Screenshot thread for projects, which is why it's in here.
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