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This is an edit of a map made by Kaal.

After I finished and posted MH-Aliens, all over the place, I got a request from Killerbee's forum to make an AvP version. I was referred to a map that had MH-AvP.u which has a full compliment of Predator monsters and Alien ones, with all the appropriate sounds for both. The aliens were the same model I used on MH-Aliens with a few tweaks and energy attacks added, the Preds look like a simplified version of the Predator model made for ut2004.

The aliens have a few more animations than the monster I previously used, whereas the preds are a bit stiff. Whoever made this file didn't so much make new monster classes as he mapped them over existing ones. Preds are on the Mercenaries, Aliens are on the Skaarj; may explain why the latter plays dead every so often. I'll likely use this again as there's other types I didn't use this time around.

Expect an MH-Facehuggers][, for the sheer ridiculousness of it, sometime soon.

MH-AvP][ features 4 classes of aliens, color coded for their energy attacks, and 1 kind of predator... as there only was 1 kind. The Preds can cloak and have the shoulder cannon, which fires a thin red burst that will kill most anything in 1 shot... which is good as their melee attack kinda sucks.

Whoever it was, no documentation, that made MH-AvP.u amped the health levels: Preds are at 20,000 & Aliens are at 30,000. I could've reduced these to more manageable levels but the folks at KillerBee's liked this. Similar to the theme of the first movie: "No matter who wins... we lose". Provided you turn off whatever mutators you use in your MonsterHunt games that prevent the monsters from fighting each other, eventually one or the other of the two opposing monster forces will eliminate the other... so then you'll just have to finish off whatever side (often the Preds) is left.

Playing with 8 bots having my back, this map's playing time averages anywhere between 28 to 40 minutes.

NaliWeapons 2 are installed on this map! Specifically Gravitron, MultiMissile, Ultima Protos, & Nali Instagib.

You'll need to go here and download this:
FeraliDragon does good work!

On a side note, the Nali Instagib still needs 2 shots to kill the monsters on this map. For some odd reason Preds that've been hit once by it, or the Ultima Protos, get a broken cloaking device. Instead of mostly transparent they just turn a shimmery black.


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