March 5th, 2020



· Larger than anticipated, but still nicely compact.
· Good assortment of weapons.
· Decent music.
· Health and armor.
· Multiple Behemoths.

One of the key things to this mapping contest was that the maps be small, and while this mapper did have concerns that this submission might be a bit too big... I think it's okay. For future reference though, no bigger than this. This is the maximum size!

What we have here is a 2 level, separated by a lift and a hole in the ceiling (floor upstairs) and a side ramp. Bots use the whole space and while it's not a tiny map there's not so much space they don't immediately engage each other all over.

Monster on this map is a Behemoth but this is a first so far as this contest goes. Not in that it's so much a large monster but once it's dead, eventually a new one pops up. The map is a monster factory, you hit a button on a panel...

...and a new Behemoth pops up (that panel on the right side there).

I haven't tested yet to see if the map can support more than 1 monster at a time. Does the previous Behemoth have to die first, or if you just keep pushing that button will more spawn in?

Music is a nice remix of a classic UT piece, this map flows very very well.

Even though this contest is going until next year, if I called a vote on it now I think this one would be among the Top 3 of those submitted so far.