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Stuck-At-Home Skinning Contest (still setting up)

Contest not started yet, just laying out the ground rules. Will likely be on but I'm hoping to get skinners from multiple forums involved.

It would probably be simpler to run the contest on just 1 forum, I doubt will mind a bunch of folks joining the forum for a contest given some of them might choose to stick around longer.

Hoping to get this going close to, but at least a month before, the Holiday Season... which for me means September.

In the current climate of this pandemic most folks are stuck at home in 1 of 3 ways...
1) Works in essential services but everything's closed so when not working there's nowhere to go.
2) Not able to work and borderline forced quarantine.
3) Sick and can't go anywhere.

This seems an ideal time for a skinning contest... bonus points if the skin is HAZmat suit themed.

Handy link ·

Basic Rules:
· Skins should be as original as possible, not patchworks made from cutting up existing skins.
· It is okay to take faces/heads from existing skins (as faces are hard) but only the faces/heads.
· No naked skins.
· This is not a modeling contest, your skins should be made specifically for the default UT models: Nali, Male Soldier, Male Commando, Warcow, Skaarj Hybrid, Female Soldier, Female Commando, & Boss.
· It is okay to make a skin-set for more than 1 of those models.
· Back when the site UTskins was still around they pointed out that the colors most nobody uses in their projects are purple, orange, and pink. Bonus points if you use any of those.
· All skins should have team colors. Preferrably easy to see team colors, which I only mention as some skins have them but they're hard to see.
· All skins must have a Talk Texture, that pic that pops up when they speak.

Please ignore my mentioning "bonus points" as it doesn't refer to actual points. Haven't decided on a point system for this as yet.

Initial discussion thread ·
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