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What have we here?

In my ongoing hunt for monsters to use in edits for MH maps, among other stuff, I frequently download all sorts of things. Normally I test them out immediately but sometimes due to a hectic schedule or insomnia or any number of other things I periodically put them into my UT folders and forget about them...

...or just intend to come back later, which I don't always do.

Nobody's perfect.

When I have new skins I'm making I test them on the only 2 blank spots I have in my extensive (xbots is handy like that) roster. Current 2 from an extension to my Red Shirts skin that didn't go so well:

I don't rename them or alter their base skills when I do this, which can make some of my screenshots confusing sometimes to anyone that pays excessive attention to what bots goto which names.

Anyway, while doing this recently I noticed a bunch of extra model names I didn't recognize. So I went for them and got these results:

Some others too; at least now I know where the models for the GrimReaper & Angels came from. U4E, which I initially grabbed for monsters inside it apparently has playable models in it as well. Some are really decent, some are a little stiff, some have their own voicepacks...

...and even better, I noticed some when they spawned into the game are not carrying the usual default weapon all players and bots get.

Turns out, while they can fully use any weapons they pick up...

...similar to the TeamOrbit mechs, they have built-in weapons!

By far my fave is the "Monster Master" model. Based clearly off Ash Ketchum of Pokemon, he carries a glowy purple orb from which he can summon monsters into the game:

This didn't work so well in MonsterHunt, as apparently the summoned monster isn't always so loyal. There's a message that flashes on the screen after anything is summoned, telling whether or not the monster will be loyal or not.

Occasionally not loyal, most often is... and while you can't control it, it will respond violently to anyone who attacks you.

Ash also carries a knife for melee attacks. It's weird, having these models in game effects some of the other weapons on any map they play on, without needing the use of any extra mutator to bring that about.

Case in point...

...he didn't pick that up. The default pistol got switched just because there were U4E models on other bots.
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