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Giving the PirateDeemer something to sink its teeth into...

I'm somewhat embarrassed to admit I've never played with Hook's PirateDeemer (which "sounds" vaguely dirty now that I've typed it out) because while I have played his games before (still "sounds" dirty) those were mostly MH where no PD was to be found. At least, not at the time.

Tested this with a mix of my best bots and Nali Weapons 3, which was no competition and we got slaughtered repeatedly.

Started with something basic before getting into things, SkaarjLords so players can get their bearings before the harder things tear them apart. Primarily monsters are from the .u files of WarNukingGround & Hunters, with some other things. No Queens of any type as they sometimes randomly telefrag the boss.

Plenty of hard stuff before getting that far...

One of the monsters on this map is a converted player model.. A glitch it had under DeathMatch doesn't come into play under MonstertHunt... and it's a lot tougher than I remember, though that may come from not having ever fought more than 1 of it at a time before this. I'm not sure if when a player with a PirateDeemer dies if it drops to the ground, but that would make this more interesting as this monster can use the same weapons players do if it gets its hands on them.

Map goes in waves, the next wave doesn't start until the current wave is mostly gone. Now some who like rushing to the end of a map may think if they can get past the current wave they can rush to the boss and beat this map sooner, but that won't work. There's a teleport that goes to the boss level at the end, but it's not active until the last wave of monsters are all dead.

Let me know how it goes.

Usual suspects:
.utx - /textures
.u - /system
.uax - /sounds
.unr - /maps
.umx - /music
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