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· Think I got motion sickness.
· Whole lotta weapons.
· Classic UT music.
· Health & armor in spawnpoints, hard to get back to once in the map.
· Lots of pupae and flies.

This map worked pretty much like I thought it would from the initial screenshots before the release, with the exception there's a lot less control of individual movement. Players are launched from the moment they spawn-in down corridors and while changing direction isn't impossible, it's not easy. Also seems to have low gravity but you can't seem to slide up to the ceiling or upwards at all.

Stopping isn't impossible but it is tricky.

Players are not alone in this, monsters are also being flung all over the place too... though the flies clearly have the advantage in this environment.

Warp zones are clearly in place, may need to peek in UnrealEd to see the extent. I was moving so fast I fired rockets that appeared behind me but also showed up emerging from a side tunnel in front of me.

Speed tends to cause a distorted view of players frequently...

...which is just weird.

This is a very surreal map, but a fun one.
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