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Xvehicles from Feralidragon

Among many things I wanted to checkout that I missed over the last 6 months were Ferali's xvehicles, which turned to be a tad trickier than I thought as there's no mutator. You either have to edit them onto maps or build your own; I went with the former over the latter.

If you don't already have them, they're available here ·

Initially I was a bit confused how to drive them, as I usually play with a full HUD and the directions for driving are in the upper-right corner of the screen.

MonsterHunt seemed ideal to test on, I edited up 3 maps with various vehicles... but only 3 as not many MH maps had room for tanks.

Most of the tanks have 2 sets of guns, the main cannon and an alternate smaller weapon. The ability to switch seats didn't work out well for me to use the smaller guns, but fortunately bots were willing to hop in and handle that. Not all the tanks have a secondary gun.

Jeeps have guns that can only be used by a passenger, only weapon the driver has is honking the horn.

Once in a vehicle you can hop out anytime you want, but bots are kind of trapped...

Monsters react differently to the vehicles. While I still haven't gotten around to determining if standard SkaarjTroopers can drive the vehicles (monster, not the playermodel) I've noticed that most of the monsters react to them like they would any normal player... with 1 notable exception:

MH-Xvehicles-LostInTime: The dinos from Jurassic.u completely ignore players in the xvehicles. Even after you shoot them they act as though they can't see you, unless you hop out in which case they'll try and eat you immediately... but if you hop back in they can't see you again.

I may do some edits of CTF, if I've got maps that are big enough for tanks. Kinda curious to see if I can take an enemy flag and drive it back to my own base.
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