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All Things Unreal

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We don't need no education... [Mar. 31st, 2018|08:17 pm]
All Things Unreal


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Long time edit, doing a little bit every now and again, for years. Originally got this map off of Nali City, back when it was still thriving. Guy that created it based it off a sniper-school shooting from the 90's.

Original map was hard enough to play, I've made it harder but more interesting I like to think. Originally had a lot of auto cannons and a few monsters, I added 4 auto-cannons and A LOT MORE monsters.

Standard CTF: 2 teams of Red & Blue. Each team has 1 UTDMT (Unreal Tournament Deathmatch Titan) just outside of their base. Both bases are guarded by auto-cannons both inside and out.

The central tower is the best place to snipe from, there's an elevator to get up there inside... but the tower is guarded by 3 UTDMW (Unreal Tournament Deathmatch Warlords) that are on the Gold Team. They don't care about the flag, they only protect the tower... or just will kill anything that comes near it or shoots at them... or looks at them funny.

Monsters: Most of the monsters on the map are standard, with some slight modifications.

There are Gardeners:

There's also LARPers, Jocks, Nerds, Teachers, and Janitors. That'll make more sense on the map.

There's also a thriving Homeless Community:

NW3's UltraGore can be used on this map safely:


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