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Here we go again...

While they are harder to find, I love CTF maps where the bases aren't identical. It's a bit more of a challenge plus I like larger maps where you not only have to get the other team's flag... but you gotta survive long enough to get it back to your own base. Because of dangers along the way, because of snipers trying to take you down from a distance, and because each team has radically tough monsters working for them.

Orignally I edited GorGor's UTDMT (Unreal Tournament Death Match Titan) onto maps, configured and skinned to work for whatever team they were assigned to. Usually 1 per team but not always if the map was large enough. Then I recently got my hands on the UTDMW (Warlord) and that made certain edits even more fun.

Especially on CTF4 maps.

So I did an edit of an old edit: Clicky!

CTF-Eagles is one of my fave CTF maps, and if I were to ever host games again I'd probably use this as my starter map as it's the easiest to defend the Red Base (often play on that side) while waiting for other players dealing with uploads so they could get in on the action. The way it lines up is Red Base is close to the ground but Blue Base is way up high carved into the top of a mountain.

1 UTDMT defending the Blue Base only worked as it was guarding an elevator, and it always respawned in near to there... but it occured to me, after I got UTDMW, that a high up base is better defended by those that can fly. Went through a few edits before I finally had 2 UTDMT on Red Team and 3 UTDMW on Blue Team.

Then I went a bit further, taking a page from another map I edited into 3 versions: Clicky!

Final results are 3 versions of CTF-UTDM-Eagles, each with a different kind of redeemer on them and different music. I've been testing them with 16 players (me, bots, titans, warlords) and it's been fun.

Hope others enjoy this kinda chaos as much as I do.

Usual Suspects:
.int /system
.u /system
.umx /music
.unr /maps
.utx /textures

Enjoy ·
Tags: ctf, map-downloads, utdmmaps, utdmt, utdmw

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