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Dark Forest Maps · MonsterHunt [Jul. 25th, 2017|01:49 pm]
All Things Unreal


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I don't go into MonsterHunt looking for victory.
Maps that're damned near impossible to beat are my bread & butter.

My tendency to edit multiple versions of a map (swapping weapons, monsters, and other stuff) led me to this one:

Map has specific goals and other random threats:
- Numbered points are where you start to where you go, and finally finish up.
- There are monsters all over the map, but the main gray square lower left is the largest grouping.
- Gold square is the most powerful monster on most maps, but in a spot virtually impossible to get to.

Usual Suspects:
.unr /maps
.umx /music
.u /system
.utx /textures
.png - pwetty

Downloads to be added gradually as made available...
As it was initially impossible for me to totally remove Bpak.u from any of these maps, figured I should completely use it for 1 map
Primarily using weapons & monsters from the MH4ever.u
Primarily using weapons & monsters from Advanced Monsters & Weapons
Primarily using various forms of Krall with Goa'uld weapons & M-16 rifles for players
Primarily using monsters from WarNukingGround.u and various other nukes and energy weapons