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DM to CTF with LEGOs

Back in the day that KeLLeR was still around and teaching me some basic map-editing skills (possibly due to being sick of my making so many requests... just a theory) he took a LEGO texture pack I subitted and re-textured a HallOfGiants map for me. I've enjoyed that map to death ever since, as I do all maps based on that template, though I've often been despondent over the fact no blue LEGOs were available at the time.

That was a couple years ago.

It occured to me the other day that all the HallOfGiants maps were based off the template of the first one, which was a CTF map. So I renamed the map to CTF and sure enough...

...well, you get the idea.

While I still wish I had some blue LEGO textures (CTF theme) this works fairly well as is.

Including both the DM & CTF into this:

Usual Suspects:
.umx /music
.unr /maps
.utx /textures

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