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3 edits for the price of 1

This all started with a truly nutso suggestion from papercoffee after I presented Terraniux's new map to and the comments started rolling in. I figured he was kidding... but after a bit the idea really started to warm on me. That's what led to CTF-AfterDarkHC (HC is for Holy Crap). After that, the others were just ideas coasting through my grey matter.

Things to know about CTF-AfterDarkHC:
· GrimReaper doesn't like getting nuked. Odds are it will kill you almost immediately if you nuke it.
· If you notice your score is unusually high, that's from all the Skullheads killed by each nuke.
· Each nuke blast is HUGE so worry less about aiming and more about shooting. You may not get a chance to aim.
· GrimReaper may kill you for no apparent reason fairly often. It's mean.
· Sometimes the GrimReaper gets killed fairly early, sometimes it may take an hour.
· This map crashes once outta every five plays. Due to frequent nukes or too many Skullheads.
· It's probably best to let your bots get the flag until the GrimReaper is dead.

Things to know about CTF-AfterDarkTDs:
· This map crashes one outta 10 plays, due to the various kinda of redeemers.
· I often play Red so I placed my fave redeemer on the Red side
· I placed the most powerful redeemer on the Blue side, to make it more fair for the bots. That may've been a mistake.
· Tiberius (UTDMT) has the Ridiculous Deemer as it's drop item.

Enjoy ·

In addition to the files in the .zip you'll need to download these too:
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