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HallOfGiants Extreme with Extras

My map editing skills are decent but I can only do so much with what I know now. What I knew then, back when this went down, was significantly less.

Most folks know I've got a fixation on Skaarj & the HallOfGiants maps. One of my fave of those maps was called HallOfGiantsExtreme, which is essentially red-themed and two of the standard maps of this type put end to end. Making for a much longer playing area with more tubes and more play, and given the number of redeemers on the map... extra fun.

A problem the map initially had was that the ground-tubes on 1 side didn't work. You couldn't get inside them so it was still fun but irritating. After busing the map around trying to find someone who could fix this, and being told on various fronts it wasn't fixable, just as I was about to give up I ran it by Helen (admin of and, low and behold, it got fixed.

I've since added Skaarj to the map, who can survive multiple redeemer hits, with enhanced moves... plus 1 playerbot. Also changed the music:

Honestly not sure why it didn't occur to me to share this until now... it's been as done as done can be since 2013.

usual suspects
.unr /maps
.umx /music

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