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the ongoing edit [Jan. 22nd, 2016|11:42 am]
All Things Unreal


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Part of what's delaying MH-KillThemAll[EG] is replacing the horrid textures that are on the original map; pretty much got the monsters handled a long time back.

It's a box-map, a bunch of cube rooms you go through clockwise. Each room has different monsters, most spawning from creature factories, until you reach the center room which takes you to the final area where boss is waiting.

Currently seeking a new boss to use, as the current is a GrimReaper. It's ability to teleport and fire a self-replicating monsters makes it too powerful to fight in such a confining area... whch is every room of the map as it's got that whole teleporting thang working for it.

I've already swapped the floors and ceilings of the entire map. Those were easy!

Starting room, not changing texture:

2nd room, already re-textured:

3rd room, thinking of leaving the texture as is... fits the monster for that room:

4th room, not changing this one:

5th room, that's a BPAK.u OMG which I may re-skin, that texture has gotta go:

6th room, already re-textured:

7th room, gotta replace that texture but with something demonic:

8th room:

9th room:

10th room:

11th room:

12th room, SantaBrute I may re-skin:

13th room:

14th room:

15th room, tempted to leave that texture:

16th room:

Final room, not shown, after you kill the boss and a bunch of monsters you've gotta ride a QuantumJet to get to the exit.