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NW3 testing ground [Jan. 5th, 2016|09:58 pm]
All Things Unreal


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I've edited a few maps for the Nali Weapons 3 weaponspack, but this was the 1st. Although this one doesn't have those weapons on it, it's just intended to be used with the mutator. Similar to the HallOfGiants I edited for redeemer matches, which I got from CTF4, this map was originally intended for DOM:

It's fairly unique among the HallOfGiants maps, in coloring and setup... plus the gravity is just a tiny smidge heavier than what most of them are set for.

This map comes with 3 players on it: a playerbot, default skills so no worry unless you get careless, and 2 ElectricKrall... setup to survive multiple hits from NW3's most powerful weapons. I've shot them with the Ultima Protos more than a couple times. If you happen to notice people getting killed on the map by "Ernie" & "Bert", that'd be them. One of my fave monsters, their staff weapon discharge is about as powerful as an instagib:

True... you could telefrag them, but where's the fun in that? No challenge. I never telefrag a challenging monster, you shouldn't either... but I leave that up to whoever. Best to keep your use of the transloc to get to where the redeemers are, up top.

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