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U97dragon vs UPSXdragon

The release thread for this beastie is here: Clicky!

Compared to the U97dragon the UPSXdragon is a much sleeker beastie:



Not only does it move differently, it's better shaped too.

The U97dragon fires a stream of devestating yellow fireballs. They're fast, they hit hard, and even with armor or shields they pretty much pulp anybody.

The UPSXdragon (which comes in 2 colors) fires a slow moving green/yellow flame burst which is just as devestating but easier to dodge.

The U97dragon works great for at home games, but on LAN or online there's a problem: Clicky!

I'm assuming the USPX has been tested online but I don't know the status of that.

I already got a map setup for the UPSX, edited from the U97 one... but I'm changing a couple things. Still putting this newer dragon through its paces.

When you're killed by a U97dragon, it says you got incinerated.

When you're killed by a UPSXdragon, it says you got slimed.

Most significant difference is in how they attack. U97dragons tend to go up high really fast, but UPSXdragons stay close to the ground at first.

Click to enlarge:
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