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CTF-DesertFoxTitans was partially inspired by papercoffee

A long time ago I asked if it was possible to attach a voicepack to a monster, and papercoffee was very against the idea:

This map's been done a long time, but I decided to voicepack the TeamPupae on the map at the last minute. I juggled around a few other TeamMonsters on the map but none of them worked out for what I needed. See, I don't know how to do CreatureFactories and to use TeamMonsters on a map, like on CTF-FaceKrall, that's ideal. Without that, what I'm left with is making a nearly unkillable pupae for each time. About as slow as a normal pupae but lethal...

...and, of course, it speaks in a way that would creep out papercoffee.

Beyond that, plus a UTDMT on each team, it's a fairly standard castle-themed map. One of my faves for many years, but it was ideal for an edit of the type I had in mind:

Usual Suspects:
.utx /textures
.u /system
.int /system
.unr /maps
.png - pwetty
ReadMe - this message will self-destruct

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