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The most RiDiCuLoUs Mapping Contest!

I'm somewhat well known in Unreal/UT forums for excessive screenshots and excessive silly... I like to keep things interesting.

Stuff like this · https://unreal-games.livejournal.com/53164.html

So when ut99.org cranked out their 20th Anniversary Mapping Contest I had a silly notion, one might go so far as to call it a ridiculous notion, and ran with it. Totally meant it to be silly when I was setting up the criteria, but a part of me was kind of hoping someone might run with it.

They did.

I went with a basic structure.
Map must meet the following criteria:
· Map must be tiny
· Map must have at least 1 weapon on it
· Map must have at least 1 thing to hide behind
· Map must have REALLY GOOD music
· Map must have at least 1 health
· Map must have at least 1 armor
· Map must have at least 1 monster
· Map must have room for at least 3 players

There's been 2 submissions I know about, and I'm sorry to say I've been lagging in playing them.

Why the I know about some may wonder?

I may've, on a lark, posted it to more than 1 forum.
1 - Q&A's

just to be evil

One of the first times I remember playing MonsterHunt online, poking around for random servers, it was on this map. A personal fave of mine, I've been playing around with it a bit here and there...

...and I went a little extra evil the other night.

So here it is:

· Left most of the monsters as is, but I re-skinned them and altered their projectiles.
· Added 2 powerful monsters, removed 2 from the original setup.
· Removed an Unreal1 weapon that was on the map for its UT99 equivilent.
· Map has my fave redeemer on it, along with several standard.

Enjoy · https://tinyurl.com/MH-DIE-fireworks

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Say what?!

Dinos and Skaarj and Gargoyles... Oh my!

Originally intended to do a lot more here, like weapon swaps, but I suppose as is should be okay. Idea to edit this came to mind a couple years back when on some forum (think it was Fuzzy's) someone was complaining about players who rush for the exit rather than kill most monsters on a map first...

...so my thought process was try and make that a little bit more difficult.

Map is essentially the same as standard MH-LostInTime, but I've swapped some monsters with some standard stuff and some not so standard. To access the exit you gotta trigger switches on various points all over the map, which even under normal circumstances isn't that easy... but for those that rush to the end while everyone is thoroughly hunting monsters, I left 2 of my fave monsters near the exit to make it a bit trickier.

Yeah, most know my fave monsters are Skaarj (which I did put more of on this map) but they're not my only faves.

I especially love monsters that're not so easy to kill.

Enjoy · http://www.mediafire.com/file/a6qirx382rjujix/MH-LostInTimeEG.zip

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KARR kicks ass

Xvehicles from Feralidragon

Among many things I wanted to checkout that I missed over the last 6 months were Ferali's xvehicles, which turned to be a tad trickier than I thought as there's no mutator. You either have to edit them onto maps or build your own; I went with the former over the latter.

If you don't already have them, they're available here · https://ut99.org/viewtopic.php?f=34&t=12911

Initially I was a bit confused how to drive them, as I usually play with a full HUD and the directions for driving are in the upper-right corner of the screen.

MonsterHunt seemed ideal to test on, I edited up 3 maps with various vehicles... but only 3 as not many MH maps had room for tanks.

Most of the tanks have 2 sets of guns, the main cannon and an alternate smaller weapon. The ability to switch seats didn't work out well for me to use the smaller guns, but fortunately bots were willing to hop in and handle that. Not all the tanks have a secondary gun.

Jeeps have guns that can only be used by a passenger, only weapon the driver has is honking the horn.

Once in a vehicle you can hop out anytime you want, but bots are kind of trapped...

Monsters react differently to the vehicles. While I still haven't gotten around to determining if standard SkaarjTroopers can drive the vehicles (monster, not the playermodel) I've noticed that most of the monsters react to them like they would any normal player... with 1 notable exception:

MH-Xvehicles-LostInTime: The dinos from Jurassic.u completely ignore players in the xvehicles. Even after you shoot them they act as though they can't see you, unless you hop out in which case they'll try and eat you immediately... but if you hop back in they can't see you again.

I may do some edits of CTF, if I've got maps that are big enough for tanks. Kinda curious to see if I can take an enemy flag and drive it back to my own base.

Testing XCOM monsters

Haven't really looked into the Xcom.u yet, but the monsters that came along with are fairly cool. Introduced to them years ago by medor, I've really not fone much with most of them as they're so easy to kill; most only have barely 10pts for health.

Used this for testing...
...as it has 20+ creature factories.

Some of them aren't complete, some don't have skins, some barely have bodies... and a couple didn't really line up with the ground so well.
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We don't need no education...

Long time edit, doing a little bit every now and again, for years. Originally got this map off of Nali City, back when it was still thriving. Guy that created it based it off a sniper-school shooting from the 90's.

Original map was hard enough to play, I've made it harder but more interesting I like to think. Originally had a lot of auto cannons and a few monsters, I added 4 auto-cannons and A LOT MORE monsters.

Standard CTF: 2 teams of Red & Blue. Each team has 1 UTDMT (Unreal Tournament Deathmatch Titan) just outside of their base. Both bases are guarded by auto-cannons both inside and out.

The central tower is the best place to snipe from, there's an elevator to get up there inside... but the tower is guarded by 3 UTDMW (Unreal Tournament Deathmatch Warlords) that are on the Gold Team. They don't care about the flag, they only protect the tower... or just will kill anything that comes near it or shoots at them... or looks at them funny.

Monsters: Most of the monsters on the map are standard, with some slight modifications.

There are Gardeners:

There's also LARPers, Jocks, Nerds, Teachers, and Janitors. That'll make more sense on the map.

There's also a thriving Homeless Community:

NW3's UltraGore can be used on this map safely:


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1st test of UTDMW

I've since edited about a dozen CTF & CTF4 maps with the Team Warlord, but this was the 1st.

Anybody that knows me knows Hall of Giants is one of my fave maps:

It's also ideal for Warlords because of the massive amount of empty flying space and the low gravity. Only downside of the UTDMW (file is actually UTDM.u) is when the Warlord dies it loses its team skin. I know how to make a corpse-skin for the thing, but really... who cares what team it was on after it dies? All that matters is when it respawns it gets its team colors back.

Did a little tinkering with projectiles. Red Team Warlord is using the most powerful disperson burst, which is reddish. Because the blue dispersion burst is fairly weak, opted to give the Blue Team Warlord a taser burst which is very strong too:

Figure anyone that plays CTF with Rocket-X or some other flying mod will enjoy this as well, given this is an edit based off the 2nd HallOfGiants CTF map, where the bases are really high up near the ceiling. Just be sure to not crash into the mirror!

That'll make sense when you're up there.