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Multi-team CTF

CTF4/CTFM seems very popular recently, I know of at least 2 forums that seem fixated on it recently. Contributed what I knew and I may be sending some map edits and other recommends regarding soon.

Thought I had of the 2 prefixes for the gametype a total of just under 50 files...

...turns out I have 52.

Close enough.

Additive: Just noticed more in that last screenshot that weren't highlighted. Whoops!
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9 - weird and scary shit


· Think I got motion sickness.
· Whole lotta weapons.
· Classic UT music.
· Health & armor in spawnpoints, hard to get back to once in the map.
· Lots of pupae and flies.

This map worked pretty much like I thought it would from the initial screenshots before the release, with the exception there's a lot less control of individual movement. Players are launched from the moment they spawn-in down corridors and while changing direction isn't impossible, it's not easy. Also seems to have low gravity but you can't seem to slide up to the ceiling or upwards at all.

Stopping isn't impossible but it is tricky.

Players are not alone in this, monsters are also being flung all over the place too... though the flies clearly have the advantage in this environment.

Warp zones are clearly in place, may need to peek in UnrealEd to see the extent. I was moving so fast I fired rockets that appeared behind me but also showed up emerging from a side tunnel in front of me.

Speed tends to cause a distorted view of players frequently...

...which is just weird.

This is a very surreal map, but a fun one.
6 - the wolf within

Monster Skins

Many of you know me as that crazy guy who posts an insane amount of screenshots... and if you don't know that about me yet, give it time. I'm also known for skinning and posting in forums A LOT and a more than slight Skaarj obsession. While I tend to post some stuff all over the place, some things cannot be kept up on if you don't keep it centrally located.

Like skinning monsters:

Initially just for the Sktrooper, as I use the original Oldskool mutator that Usaar33 made that gave access to the Sktrooper model over half of my bots use, as they needed team colors...

Sktrooper skins · https://unreal-games.livejournal.com/100468.html

...I've since amassed a rather massive collection of skins for various monsters, because I edit maps too and along with changing projectiles and other things, sometimes I change the skins of the monsters on maps so they've got their own look.

Like so · https://unreal-games.livejournal.com/102886.html

Shared some of these over the years, now I'm sharing all of the ones I have (exception of those previously released in skinpacks) because why not?

Enjoy · http://www.mediafire.com/file/etksvizrg1oymt5/Monster-Skins.zip

No need to credit me, so far as these go even the ones that are largely my own work are based on the work of others so nothing in there is originally entirely all me.


Always been a big fan of maps with monsters in them, since long before UT ever had MonsterHunt; yes I've been playing that long. Didn't happen very often, and when it did it wasn't always on maps that were very good (not everything can be CTF-ProjectX) but it always made for a good change of pace. Especially when playing online, there's never a guarantee whatever game you join will be well populated... so monsters give you something to do whle you're waiting.

This is my favorite kind of map.

This is an update of an edit from 2012:

A chief complaint about that oldie was the Warlords on the map gave players 3 points when killed, plus once they were dead they were gone for good. So in looking to get around that problem I had to find monsters that don't give anymore points when killed than any other bot or player, and preferrably didn't die so easily.

Boss: This is a monster of Xan. You all know Xan. Well, other than he holds his weapon funny (no pun intended) this is basically the same. He can take several hits from redeemers, once he gets his hands on one he can shoot them too, and he's got his own voicepack built in.

Cyberus: Taken from the Legacy Single Player game by Jack Griffin (aka GoPostal to some) this is 1 tough monster. Completely unkillable though slow moving, and has multiple weapons. It has full intensity dispersion ammo, redeemers, a weird angle shot that's hard to describe, and if you wander under him when he's flying you may burst into flames.

GrimReaper: This is by far the most powerful monster anyone ever made for UT99. It can survive multiple redeemer hits, teleport, move at blinding speed, fly, fire redeemers (which is not it's usual weapon of choice) and it fires others monsters (called SkullHeads) as a projectile. I was originally going to remove him after I couldn't remove that monster firing ability, as SkullHeads are scary enough on their own, but I figure if you're playing with redeemers they're not too terrifying... just very creepy in ambient sound.

HallGuardians: In the previous version of this map I took away their projectiles, but due to another monster on this map I gave them back with an upgrade. Sometimes called the "Taste the Rainbow" Skaarj, these 4 come in all team colors but they're only on their own team. Setup to be able to survive multiple redeemer hits... they do an amazing job fighting SkullHeads.

Player: I tossed a SkaarjPlayerBot into the mix... just because it can respawn. He's capable of winning the game, but he likely won't even come close if there's redeemers involved.

Unreal Tournament Deathmatch Warlord: This is one to watch out for. Capable of surviving a couple redeemer hits, it fires redeemers and it respawns too. As you can see, it can win the game potentially and given it's usually flying very far from the blast range that means it doesn't lose points as much as most other players... though it is funny when it kills itelf as it insults itself (in the 3rd person) in a very self criticizing sort of way.

If you play this map with a redeemer mutator you stand a chance, though maybe not with conventional weapons. I haven't tested this with mutators that swap redeemers for other weapons, so no idea how that may impact things.

Either way, it should be fun.

Usual Suspects:
.u - /system
.umx - /music
.unr - /maps
.png = pwetty
clobbering time


1st time I played MH-(UTW)BoomBoomBridge-v2 I marveled at how much it looked like a CTF map, and not just the identical bases on either side of the bridge but also the setup inside the bases just looked like it was designed for CTF play. So I'd been toying with the notion of converting, bouncing the idea off a friend (he's a wizard at pathing) when I was informed it was originally a CTF map.

Medor sent me some links upon my asking and I went through those 3 versions before deciding which one to edit.

Because I was used to it for MonsterHunt I wanted to keep that aspect going so I used UTDMW (Unreal Tournament Deathmatch Wardlords) first and then added UTDMT (Unreal Tournament Deathmatch Titans) to make it a ittle tougher. Fact is it's really easy for either team to win on this map, but these monsters make it a little trickier... although I suspect other human players would quickly find the easy access I use most often when playing.

Usual Suspects:
.u - /system
.umx - /music
.unr - /maps
.png = pwetty

Enjoy · http://www.mediafire.com/file/p9diigmlhx3o0fq/CTF-UTDM-BoomBoomBridge.zip
de best sci fi is goofy


· Very nice space.
· 2 weapons, pulse & shock.
· Star Wars themed music, nice!
· Health packs, 1 armor.
· Stone Titan in chamber below the playspace.

This is a very well put together map, Star Wars theme & music definitely hitting my geek-spots nicely; Titan below the main play area vaguely reminiscent of the rancor from Return of the Jedi. There's a grating in the floor that allows the Stone Titan to see the players running above when they pass over, causing it to rampage which periodically shakes the whole map.

Bots use the whole space well.

very bad stuff


This was easily the fastest review I did, and not for good reasons.

· The tiniest map yet.
· Technically 1 weapon, dispersion.
· Music is a decent remix.
· 1 Nali Fruit.
· Badly positioned Stone Titan.

When I saw the filename of the .zip I was confused how anyone could make a tiny Assault map; AS-RMC-HugeRooms being the filename. However what was inside was in fact a Domination map with only 1 Control Point, and I'm not sure how to put it any other way but this is a HORRIBLE map!

First off, there are no textures:

ReadMe file says not to use the texture file that's in the .zip, which was okay as I already had that but even so... that in the screenshot on all surfaces is the default texture to indicate there are no textures. Also, as can clearly be seen the Nali Fruit and Control Point are too high off the ground to reach. From what he posted earlier in the thread the Stone Titan causes a lot of bouncing, so I'm assuming players would get bounced up to where they could touch those things... except for 1 other problem.

Literally the moment the map starts, the Stone Titan dies. Tried giving it a go, just to see, with no bots but it died all the same... which nixed any bouncing and thus makes the map fairly pointless.

The impression I get is the Stone Titan is supposed to be outside of the room, causing things to bounce as it rampages out there, but each time I started the map you can see it's ½ merged with the room.

Which is probably what killed it.

There's armor in a small alcove on a wall, though I'm unsure if it would even be reachable with the bouncing that is not viable.

For what it's worth, the .zip file was a mess too. There are 2 copies of the map in there, in different directories, possibly the one I didn't play is the better version. Also the directories in the .zip are the typical ones you'd see to indicate where the files should go, but none of the files are in their correct places for that either.

I may do a followup review of the other identically named map in the .zip later.
Grrr - evil kitty vengeance


While I didn't make a specific rule for it, a lot of the mappers have been using an "RMC" prefix in their map names, so I renamed papercoffee's to match that.

· Map is really compressed for space, tiny but plenty of room to move.
· 2 weapons.
· Music is cool.
· Several health vials, 1 armor.
· Warlord with above level health, though he didn't last long.

What we've got here is basically a funnel map sideways, a staircase that wraps around a central column; has a curious purple tile pattern on the floor at the top and bottom of the staircase which seems kind of out of place as it matches nothing else on the map. Staircase pattern is repeated on the ceiling.

The Warlord did a lot of damage before it was killed; average health for one of those is 1100, this one is closer to 1260.

Most of the combat is pretty quick, I'd recommend players do this map with a mutator that protects them a bit after they respawn... because almost as soon as they get back in they're gonna get riddled with ammo. For the most part players have to orient themselves and start shooting immediately, current life expectancy is...

...about 3½ seconds.

Tight space, fast action, ideal map for LMS games... I'm loving this. It really only has 1 flaw to speak of, which isn't a very big deal.

Name of the map isn't in the selection window. Again, not a big thing but it seems careless.
Joy of cooking


· Map is both tiny (play area) and large.
· 3 weapons.
· Music is okay.
· 2 health, 1 armor.
· Pupae stuck in an area it cannot get out of, nice.

What we've got here is basically a 2-story castle in a fishbowl, making this only the 2nd inside a fishbowl map I've ever seen. There's another that was entered into a different ut99.org mapping contest, blanking on the name right now. The outer world is large but not accessible, which is good as that would've been a disqualification.

Map is well pathed, bots use the entire space. The health on top of the castle is a little aligned wrong, meaning bots tend to land on them without picking them up at first... but they do get them eventually.

This is a really good map, ideal for arena battles.
playing the game

Serious Sam's Garden of Death.... IN HELL!

Happy Friday the 13th!

Stretch back, with help from Nelsona, I edited a Serious Sam themed map · https://unreal-games.livejournal.com/112419.html

Since then I've made a few other edits of it, but mostly only to test new monsters I've found and/or to test various weapons on them. There's a Jurassic Park one, an Aliens vs Predator one, etc.

That last one I can't find any adequate weapons to beat even the 2nd wave of monsters.

The initial one got put up on a few servers, and I got the same comment from the admins of those. Apparently a lot of players used double-jump to get up on the walls and run all the way to the end. Given lots of us hate those that rush to the end, I've been debating various ways to defeat that problem, some of which are incorporated here.

This is a recovery situation for a failed DarkForst map, using the same monsters for that and even more as DF only has about 6 to 9 CeatureFactories and the Serious Sam one has 23. So there's some adapted Doom monsters, more than a few Quake monsters, some from the HauntedCreatures.u and a few other things.

So you know... the ghosts from Ghost.u can be killed but not easily!

I'm also working on a Christmas themed version, but it's not quite ready yet.

There are virtually no UT weapons on this map, they're Doom weapons instead:

There are some redeemers in hidden rooms and not convenient locations.

Enjoy · http://www.mediafire.com/file/g7etcqygowvyyuw/MH-GardenOfDeath_Hell.zip