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MH-KillThemAll[EG] · well that only took about 9 years

I'm something of a credit whore when it comes to my edits, I obsessively try and get permission from the original maker of a map. Not so easy to do as most of those older mappers are long gone, but their downloaded .zip/.rar files often include a ReadMe with an email address which sometimes isn't completely unused anymore. In this case it was a post about this map on DestinationUnreal's forums that finally introduced me to the mapper who originally made this...

...and I was granted permission to work on any and all maps that mapper made.

I started working on this map somewhere around 2011, possibly 2010. It's been done several times but I kept re-fining it. Finding new monsters that I wanted to include, and then later I was about to release when a new redeemer came into existence due to something I made mention of in's forums, and it seemed better than what I had before. Some monsters caused repeated errors and needed replacing.

I wanted everything to be just right, and it didn't slow down other projects. I've edited about 100 maps, most for my own use, while I was working on this one.

A few things:
· Maps I edit aren't specifically made for servers. Love it when people do put them on their servers, but mostly I setup for home games or possibly LAN games. Still, whoever you are reading this if you think this will work for your server then have at it.

· Map is a series of boxes, most of which have CreatureFactories in them. Monsters do not start spawning until a player or bot enters a room, most every room is blocked by a box. You beat all monsters in the room, you destroy the box to get into the next room... or if you're facing particularly hard monsters to beat you can try and break the box prematurely and get monsters started up in the next room. If you don't play with something that prevents monsters from fighting each other then maybe they can kill each other off making it easier for you and your team to get past there.

· As with most setups like this, each set of monsters is a little tougher than the last set. Though there's more than 1 wave here. The further you go the tougher they get... but then they get easier again and the cycle starts anew. The end of the 1st tough cycle is 6 rooms in.

· Once you beat the monsters in the final room, you take a QuantumJet and fly up to the exit. If you're one of those that likes to rush to the end of a map... good luck! I don't think that's possible here without cheating, but more points to you if you can manage it.

· Other more experienced mappers than I setup bot-pathing on this map, the folks at are cool like that. This enables bots to traverse the entire map, although they can't end it; need a human player for that. This does cause 1 potential issue though, as some monsters are good at back-tracking pathing and will come at you all the way back to your starting room. There are a couple monsters on this map that do that frequently... so don't assume you're safe where you regularly spawn in.

· The redeemer on this is of the Nyan Cat variety. I sorta skinned the pickup but the dropped redeemer won't look like that; skinning weapons is tricky. I believe this is the latest version that was released. It's got a bit more punch than a standard redeemer, which is especially handy if you've got monsters that found your starting point.

· I play with bots all the time, not everyone does. I highly recommend use of bots on this map, as even when their skills aren't the sharpest they can still track an enemy faster than a human player can, and you may need that edge from time to time. Bots are you friends, not everything comes from SkyNET.

For those who live in areas where they're currently being encouraged (or forced) to stay home, this should make for an interesting challenge. I tested this map with 20 bots helping me, and it took us about 3 hours just to get to the final room... and another 45 minutes after that to get to the exit. We used no other mutators than something to keep healing us and reloading all ammo, so input from others that play this would be appreciated.

· How long did it take you to beat the map?
· Were you using any special mutators?

I'd really like to know.

Enjoy ·

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· Larger than anticipated, but still nicely compact.
· Good assortment of weapons.
· Decent music.
· Health and armor.
· Multiple Behemoths.

One of the key things to this mapping contest was that the maps be small, and while this mapper did have concerns that this submission might be a bit too big... I think it's okay. For future reference though, no bigger than this. This is the maximum size!

What we have here is a 2 level, separated by a lift and a hole in the ceiling (floor upstairs) and a side ramp. Bots use the whole space and while it's not a tiny map there's not so much space they don't immediately engage each other all over.

Monster on this map is a Behemoth but this is a first so far as this contest goes. Not in that it's so much a large monster but once it's dead, eventually a new one pops up. The map is a monster factory, you hit a button on a panel...

...and a new Behemoth pops up (that panel on the right side there).

I haven't tested yet to see if the map can support more than 1 monster at a time. Does the previous Behemoth have to die first, or if you just keep pushing that button will more spawn in?

Music is a nice remix of a classic UT piece, this map flows very very well.

Even though this contest is going until next year, if I called a vote on it now I think this one would be among the Top 3 of those submitted so far.
gremlins - Stripe

What have we here?

In my ongoing hunt for monsters to use in edits for MH maps, among other stuff, I frequently download all sorts of things. Normally I test them out immediately but sometimes due to a hectic schedule or insomnia or any number of other things I periodically put them into my UT folders and forget about them...

...or just intend to come back later, which I don't always do.

Nobody's perfect.

When I have new skins I'm making I test them on the only 2 blank spots I have in my extensive (xbots is handy like that) roster. Current 2 from an extension to my Red Shirts skin that didn't go so well:

I don't rename them or alter their base skills when I do this, which can make some of my screenshots confusing sometimes to anyone that pays excessive attention to what bots goto which names.

Anyway, while doing this recently I noticed a bunch of extra model names I didn't recognize. So I went for them and got these results:

Some others too; at least now I know where the models for the GrimReaper & Angels came from. U4E, which I initially grabbed for monsters inside it apparently has playable models in it as well. Some are really decent, some are a little stiff, some have their own voicepacks...

...and even better, I noticed some when they spawned into the game are not carrying the usual default weapon all players and bots get.

Turns out, while they can fully use any weapons they pick up...

...similar to the TeamOrbit mechs, they have built-in weapons!

By far my fave is the "Monster Master" model. Based clearly off Ash Ketchum of Pokemon, he carries a glowy purple orb from which he can summon monsters into the game:

This didn't work so well in MonsterHunt, as apparently the summoned monster isn't always so loyal. There's a message that flashes on the screen after anything is summoned, telling whether or not the monster will be loyal or not.

Occasionally not loyal, most often is... and while you can't control it, it will respond violently to anyone who attacks you.

Ash also carries a knife for melee attacks. It's weird, having these models in game effects some of the other weapons on any map they play on, without needing the use of any extra mutator to bring that about.

Case in point...

...he didn't pick that up. The default pistol got switched just because there were U4E models on other bots.
altered reality

Just a lazy Saturday evening, local time roundabout now-ish...

Usually about once a month, sometimes month and a ½, I post Unreal/UT screenshots to the various related forums I'm on.

I don't usually track where I've posted, but just this once:
master of poke-fu

Giving the PirateDeemer something to sink its teeth into...

I'm somewhat embarrassed to admit I've never played with Hook's PirateDeemer (which "sounds" vaguely dirty now that I've typed it out) because while I have played his games before (still "sounds" dirty) those were mostly MH where no PD was to be found. At least, not at the time.

Tested this with a mix of my best bots and Nali Weapons 3, which was no competition and we got slaughtered repeatedly.

Started with something basic before getting into things, SkaarjLords so players can get their bearings before the harder things tear them apart. Primarily monsters are from the .u files of WarNukingGround & Hunters, with some other things. No Queens of any type as they sometimes randomly telefrag the boss.

Plenty of hard stuff before getting that far...

One of the monsters on this map is a converted player model.. A glitch it had under DeathMatch doesn't come into play under MonstertHunt... and it's a lot tougher than I remember, though that may come from not having ever fought more than 1 of it at a time before this. I'm not sure if when a player with a PirateDeemer dies if it drops to the ground, but that would make this more interesting as this monster can use the same weapons players do if it gets its hands on them.

Map goes in waves, the next wave doesn't start until the current wave is mostly gone. Now some who like rushing to the end of a map may think if they can get past the current wave they can rush to the boss and beat this map sooner, but that won't work. There's a teleport that goes to the boss level at the end, but it's not active until the last wave of monsters are all dead.

Let me know how it goes.

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junk food

Steel Warlord Clan

When I released my various skin-sets for monsters I forgot to include most of the Warlord skins I made for UTDMW...

...that's the Unreal Tournament Deathmatch Warlord...

...and shortly after I realized that, I made another one. 4 team colors and 1 not as bright singular "Lord Emerald".

Here ya go ·
desert dragon

Jewel of the Warlord: CTF & CTF4

More often than not I tend to play MonsterHunt online and Capture the Flag offline, because MH is pretty crystal clear and it's everybody against the monsters, but CTF online folks tend to play the game less than setup their bases just to kill whoever comes for them; played basically like Team Deathmatch with bases.

JewelOfTheWarlord is one of my fave CTF maps, and it comes in that and CTF4. Part of why I started editing Team Monsters onto these kinda maps is to make things more challenging, as they're unpredictable. They play to their team but they don't much care about the flag and unlike the other bots they don't follow orders. So you have to keep an eye out for the ones on the other team because the only thing they want to do is kill anyone not on their team.

It's kind of ironic the thing I love about them is the same as what I complain about how folks play CTF online.

There's plenty of room for those with flying mutators though it's hard to determine exactly where the edges of the map are.

Edited both versions with UTDMW:

You'll need this for the CTF4 gametype:

Usual Suspects:
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.png = pwetty
drawing a blank

Multi-team CTF

CTF4/CTFM seems very popular recently, I know of at least 2 forums that seem fixated on it recently. Contributed what I knew and I may be sending some map edits and other recommends regarding soon.

Thought I had of the 2 prefixes for the gametype a total of just under 50 files...

...turns out I have 52.

Close enough.

Additive: Just noticed more in that last screenshot that weren't highlighted. Whoops!
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· Think I got motion sickness.
· Whole lotta weapons.
· Classic UT music.
· Health & armor in spawnpoints, hard to get back to once in the map.
· Lots of pupae and flies.

This map worked pretty much like I thought it would from the initial screenshots before the release, with the exception there's a lot less control of individual movement. Players are launched from the moment they spawn-in down corridors and while changing direction isn't impossible, it's not easy. Also seems to have low gravity but you can't seem to slide up to the ceiling or upwards at all.

Stopping isn't impossible but it is tricky.

Players are not alone in this, monsters are also being flung all over the place too... though the flies clearly have the advantage in this environment.

Warp zones are clearly in place, may need to peek in UnrealEd to see the extent. I was moving so fast I fired rockets that appeared behind me but also showed up emerging from a side tunnel in front of me.

Speed tends to cause a distorted view of players frequently...

...which is just weird.

This is a very surreal map, but a fun one.