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Moo? [Feb. 12th, 2017|11:02 pm]
All Things Unreal


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For literally every monster I've collected I've edited a variant of this map for. However this most recent batch I didn't so much customize the map to them as I did just use an existing one and swap them in.

Devils basically come across as a male verison of the Nali Cows, so I used MH-Butterflies. The one with the extra playerbot on blue-team and butterflies flapping around:

Made some other little alterations, just for kicks.

Wasn't really gonna make a map so soon for this...

...but I had to due to this.

Dunno if the glitch is due to so many of them on the map or something else (others who've tested them haven't had the same issue I found) but in case the guy that made these weird little bulls (Leo T_C_K) wants to test them in the same place where I found the error, this makes that possible.


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